June 11, 2014- IOEI is proud to be the recipient of the 2014 Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year award from the U.S. Small Business Administration San Diego District Office. We appreciate the hard work of all of our employees and the support of our clients that made this accomplishment possible. We continue to experience steady growth, and look forward to new opportunities.  The SBA interviewed IOEI’s CEO, Mike Bilodeau, as part of the award presentation.  You can watch the interview here:


IOEI was recently awarded the contract to restore over four acres of land located in the Del Mar Fairgrounds, to native salt marsh.  This $1.5M project will include the grading and redistribution of over 18,000 tons of soil from areas formerly used as parking lots and ruderal fill, removal of non-native plant species, and the replanting and establishment of native plant species and habitats creating a natural salt marsh and lagoon as part of the San Dieguito lagoon.

IOEI, the 22nd District Agricultural Agency (Del Mar Fairgrounds), and AECOM successfully modified the scope of work, which originally included removing 18,000-tons of uncontaminated native soil for offsite disposal at a landfill, to re-using the soil onsite, eventually creating a natural upland ecosystem on the eastern portion of the Site.  This modification included the approval of many interested parties and regulators and ultimately eliminated an estimated 750 truckloads of uncontaminated native material exiting the Site over the duration of the project.  The reduction in trucks leaving the Site greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enhances safety on the adjoining Jimmy Durante Boulevard by reducing heavy truck traffic in the area.  Additionally, the reuse of the soil on site creates a sense of immersion in the native environment for JPA trail users.  IOEI and AECOM will work together over the next five years to ensure a successful plant establishment and salt marsh restoration project for the residents of the area.


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