Environmental Management & Services

IOEI specializes in providing expert Project Management and superior technical services for all phases of Environmental Remediation and Compliance to include the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), all aspects of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), and the Clean Air Act (CAA).  In addition, IOEI offers environmental construction oversight, site investigations/testing, and Geographic Information System (GIS) service.  We provide turnkey environmental consulting and remediation services for a wide variety of federal, state, local, and private construction projects throughout the United States.  Our trained Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSDs) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSPs) provide our clients in California with hands on experience and up to date knowledge of stormwater pollution prevention rules and regulations.

Infrastructure and Facilities Construction Management and Services

IOEI also offers comprehensive engineering, design, maintenance, project management, and construction solutions to help commercial and government clients meet their infrastructure needs.  We use best management practices to keep project costs low and increase efficiency and project profitability.  As a disabled veteran-owned business, we apply our experience and customer understanding to our environmental and infrastructure programs to offer top-quality service and ensure satisfaction.  Our experienced staff provides turnkey construction services on a wide variety of horizontal construction projects.  We implement “green” building methods and materials to meet the ever-evolving changes in building construction.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Compliance Services;
  • Development and implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • National Environmental Policy Act/CEQA compliance and process management;
  • RCRA Facility Assessments;
  • Site Assessments, Remedial Investigations, and Feasibility Studies;
  • Remedial Design & Construction;
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Remedial Action Optimization (RAO), Long-term Maintenance and Monitoring (LTMM);
  • Experienced with all contaminant types including UXO, radiological, and mixed wastes;
  • Natural Resource Protection Services;
  • Energy Audits; and
  • Wetland, Stream, and Marine Ecosystem Restoration.

Civil Infrastructure and Facilities Construction

  • Design-Build vertical and horizontal construction services;
  • Civil infrastructure (wet/dry utilities, streets, curbs, and gutters);
  • Tenant improvements: remodeling, rehabilitation, and renewal;
  • Historic Building restoration and refurbishment;
  • ADA Compliance modifications and retrofitting; and
  • Energy efficient building renovations and upgrades.

Staff Augmentation and Managed Services Programs

  • IOEI manages all aspects of staffing for environmental and civil construction projects including program, project, construction, procurement, and subcontractor management.  We also provide staffing support for design, cost estimating, constructability review, engineering, the sciences, quality control, and safety solutions.

IT Capabilities

  • IOEI provides a broad range of technology-based consulting for design, technical integration, and other support services.  The scope of these services addresses spatial information, collaborative applications, integrated security and preparedness capabilities, and IT sustainment needs.

Equipment Rental

  • IOEI offers a full line of quality rental equipment services, with fast delivery and competitive rates on heavy construction equipment, construction infrastructure, and support supplies for a variety of industries with well-managed and professional turnkey service.

Laboratory Services

  • Through partnerships with various laboratories and data validation firms, we offer turnkey managed solutions that include initial pre-planning and consultation, project management, sampling, final validated results, and sample disposal.  We are staffed and equipped to routinely handle large projects and tight schedules with high precision and accuracy.

Project Support Services

  • IOEI provides mobilization, demobilization, office trailer rental and set-up, temporary utility and communications installations, fencing, security, water, safety supplies, lavatories, and other services required for ongoing project support.